Your life is not [your life]

Posted by Suman on Feb 23, 2021

The day that begins as you

ends as you staying caught as "you".

The day that ends as you

has already hijacked the next day.

Who a human has taken himself to be, is highly treacherous.

Who a human has taken himself to be, is highly contagious.

As the years pass by he becomes more strategic.

His claws and tentacles inch deeper into the humans' consciousness.

As years pass by,

he becomes less and less likely to question himself.

What is that which the human has taken himself to be?

^ This question will not take you anywhere.

Definitions and intellect are sweet and flavored poison.

Poison kills by pretending to save [your life].

And after all, labels and their definitions are abstractions.

Abstractions are abstractions from reality.

I wish I did not have to use abstractions.

I wish I could just express the reality

that circulates through my being.

Abstractions. Concepts. Labels. Everywhere.

Days. Nights.

Men. Women. Society.

Morning. Noon. Afternoon. Evening.

Money. Career. Friends.

Hanging-out. Dating. Fun. Sex.

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snack.

Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Husband. Wife. Son. Daughter.

Monday. Tuesday. Thursday. Saturday.

What are these?

No, this is no joke. I ask seriously.

What. Are. These?

And you dare answer abstractions. Or concepts. Or labels.

They are not abstractions or concepts or labels...

... To you.

They are so to me.

Just because I say something,

magically does not make it hold for you, does it?

You do not even know I exist.

So I ask again.

What do you make of the madness?

Of your own abstractions of the madness?

That [your life] revolves around?

You do not.

The way out of [your life]?

It depends.

Who is asking this question?

Where did this question emanate from?

Because most questions are not questions.

They are just another sentinel from the human Mind.

Sentinels of the Mind seek not

The Answer

to anything.

They seek an answer.

An answer is but a hook back into the breeding-ground of sentinels.


Such questions are abstractions seeking to complete themselves.

Without knowing that they are baseless abstractions!

Aah, what a predicament...

Your life


[Your life] are two completely different things.

Your life is yet to be experienced by the organism you.

[Your life] is an abstraction that you fuel, justify,

protect, worship, and decorate.

And let me tell you something.

If you latched on to even a single word of this post,

you have only gotten farther away from realizing

the joke which is [your life]. And,

the blessing that is your life.

Thank you.