Words and Information

Posted by Suman on Nov 29, 2022

Words mean many things to many people.

As such, when they are simply used,

they get misrepresented.

When words come together, the result is information.

When words are misinterpreted, the result is misinformation

And thus, almost always,

information is misinformation.

Two things keep information from becoming its ill-fated sibling.

Two things, allow for purity

whether it is expression or consumption...

The source.

The intent.

When the source is not Truth,

when the source is not selfless,

the words do not say what they seem to say.

When the intent is not sincere,

when the intent is not pure,

the message received is not what was intended.

It is easy to think that things are easy and straightforward.

Unless one runs into hard things and painful experiences.

Such is also the case when dealing with

words and information.

Until life allows one the experiences

that make them question their own life,

they will read blindly, write insincerely, and believe unconditionally.

Such is human nature.

Words have power,

only when they were not mindlessly collected or looked up in the dictionary.

Information is not misinformation,

only when the constituent words were not merely stitched up.

The magic that the bits and bytes have brought about,

has equipped almost everyone with the ability to

produce and consume information at the whim of that which they think they are.

May they also seek what hides behind this ease.

May they also realize the truth behind their many whims.

Thank you.