Women and problems

Posted by Suman on Jun 11, 2021

"Invite a woman in your life

and you will invite problems"

This opinion, perhaps,

is ubiquitously held.

This realization, perhaps,

was just made by a number of men across the globe.

This lie, perhaps,

is something that most women will never understand.

This "truth", perhaps,

is behind the "success" of a number of women -

those ranging from the many loner business-women having equally lonely "men"

on their speed dial,

to the many celebrated and "brave" single mothers.

I know I am playing with fire here.

I know I am touching on a very, very touchy topic.


This is not the first time.

I have been at this for a while.

I have been expressing my deepest knowledge

about the dynamics that exist between men and women.

The dynamics,

that has always been skewed.

The dynamics,

that will always deviate from...

...the innocent Truth behind it all.

Because it will be far more truthful to say ...

"Invite the Mind in your life

and you will invite problems"

If you were in for a short read,

the gist of the post is really the last two lines.

If you want more...

Between a man and a woman

stands two things.

The man's mind.

And the woman's mind.

These two things are no normal things.

They are monstrously addictive entities.

The addiction is for all things lies.

Because and thus,

the addiction is for all things pleasure.

No matter what I say ...

The Mind is a great torment.

The Mind is a tormentor.

The Mind is an illusion.

The Mind is an illusionist.

... words will never be enough

to disillusion this maniacal maniac.

One Mind

by itself

wreaks havoc on one's life.

Almost ALL, play into its power.

Almost ALL live the life of a "somebody".

The Mind makes them ...

chase and chase.

hide and hide.

suffer and suffer.

work and work.

eat and eat and drink and drink and

run and run and flee and flee and

more than anything else...

...go round and round and round and round and round

in circles.

Not just once.

Not just twice.

Not just thrice or ten or hundred or thousand times.


for all their lives!

All of this

because of just one Mind.

Can you not already see,

what perilous madness will unfold when you

put another Mind in the mix?

Can you not already see,

what really entails when a woman walks into a man's life?

Can you not already see,

why on earth will the (opening) statement not exist?


A man is already basking in problems.

He is already being tormented by those problems.

He is constantly being fulfilled and pleasured by those problems.

That poor man has not a moment's relief from his pleasureful predicament to

even contemplate ...

"What if there is something I am missing?"

The poor man has not a second of freedom from

his friends,

his apps,

his team,

and all other circles.

The poor man has not an inch of space free in

the organ that houses "him"

to understand ...

the poor woman that he thinks will bring him the goods,

the poor woman that he thinks will make his problem vanish,

the poor woman that he thinks will make his moral and immoral imaginations come true ...

... is even more illusioned than him.


as I said...

he is busy dealing with his Mind.

he is busy having fun with his business.

he is busy contemplating the busyness he will be occupied with should she say ...


Humans... poor humans.

They do not learn.


they will never learn.

Dear woman,

you are not being appreciated or understood

unless you feel it in your bones

that you are.

99.9% of the time,

you are being illusioned.

99.9% of the time

you are facing a kindergarten boy-

no matter his manliness.

no matter his deep voice.

no matter his charisma.

Then again,

99.9% of you,

have forgotten who YOU truly are.

Dear man,

she is not inviting you.

Unless you feel the Truth of that which you are

in your bones.

In which case, you would already know -

what she is going through.

In which case,

no matter her knee-weakening femininity,

no matter her enchanting voice,

no matter her flamboyance,

you will see HER

through her


Thank you.