They won't get there

Posted by Suman on Feb 03, 2021

Humans take a long-winded, highly-twisted, maze-like path

to get what they think they want


never even get there.

No, do not just read the lines above.

Look at your own life and see its verity.

Look around you and see its verity.

I do not know about you

but I am truly amazed every time I

see the reality of this narration.


e v e r y t h i n g

that I see in the physical and imaginary world.

All professions and all trades,

from menial to highly coveted,

All relationships and all collaborations,

from personal to professional, from degraded to innocent.

From the uber driver to the staff software engineer at Uber,

From the misguided OSS authors to the many freeloader coders,

From the innocent devout woman to the clever enchantress,

From the hard-working student to the cheating one,

From the overly-fatherly father to the ignorant husband,

From the salivating salesman to the forced buyer.

From the lab rat to the lab rat operator. (Not the rat itself)

From really any extreme to the other,

all I see is one and only thing -

Humans trying really, really hard

for the things, they think they want.

The reader who has read at least one other post

on this website or probably the about page

"knows" why this happens.

He will immediately answer - "Because of the Mind".

But that is not The Answer.

And what does he imply by "the Mind" anyway?

Life is complicated.

Words that speak about that complication,

only paint a picture.

They do not and cannot clarify that complication for you!

To such readers, I only say this.

Read not to seek an answer.

Read to question things around you.

And above anything else

Read what needs to be read.


There are many things that fuel this maze of a life

that humans live.

Perhaps one thing is most crucial -

The norm of following advice.

Thanks to the overly social social-media,

today, the last word is redundant.

As if explicitly advised by a misguided parent or mentor or teacher,

or implicitly getting advised via "following"

was not enough derailing,

the poor human often gets caught in conflicting advice.

After receiving conflicting advice,

a human immediately begins to side and judge or pick and choose.

"Unfollow X, Follow Y" they say to themselves.

Others seek an escape from that conflict

and often concoct their own advice.

In doing either,

they will stay in the lost.

Dear human,

"Who to follow" is not to be learned.

Learning is a misnomer.

Learning for 99.9%+ is satisfying the unsatiable Mind.

Knowing what one does not yet know

makes way for that

which they truly seek

when they eagerly start "learning".

"Learning" will mislead.

"Who to follow" will mislead.

A lifetime is not enough

time to walk either path to the end.

Further, either is not just one path.

Soon, one path results in many others.

"Who to follow" is for the gazillion followers.

What to follow is the path of the rare ones.

"What" is the shortest path to the end.


here comes the (un)surprise

it is already known to humans.

"following" will keep one a follower

The only thing to follow,

is the life deep in them.

Some call it "heart".

some call it "soul".

Some call it "gut".

Independent of what they call it,

it can always be perceived.

Independent of who or how many one is following,

it is constantly getting layered by

the subsequent learning.

Thank you.