There is no spoon

Posted by Suman on Feb 10, 2021

The human Mind is beyond powerful.

Its true abilities are never realized by humans.

Not because humans do not work hard or do not "dream big".

Because they insist too hard on working.

And when they finally move on from working,

they get caught up in "dreaming big".

Either way, the real powers of the Mind are not even touched upon.

Because the Mind itself hijacks them.

In what ways?

In many, many ways.

I will show you a glimpse...

Whatever a human does in his day-to-day,

his Mind creates its own recording.

Further, his Mind adds its own commentary to this recording.

While it is doing this

it is also playing back the recording it made the previous day.

And while I am too fast to use the labels "recordings" and "commentary",

to the average human caught in that illusion,

its believability is beyond reality.

He has no choice but to play along,

to continue to act as a subject for these recordings and commentaries.

The question is not "why my Mind does this?"


"How to leverage this?"

The question is what happens to the human

who can control this mind-interference?

What can a human unveil when he realizes

that this "recording, playback, and commentary"

is merely a blockade to other powerful abilities of his Mind?

When I began to walk this Path,

I never comprehended that this side of the No-Mind world exists.

All I wanted was bliss from the Mind.

I remember clearly saying this to my friend over the phone -

"For now, everything is secondary. Bliss is the priority."

While it is true now. I am beyond just Bliss.

The whole of the universe is available to me,

why bother with just bliss?

Infinite is a better label for that I have really been after.

Because today, I have realized infinity.

There is no reliance. No need. No limits.

Every moment comes freely and is released the next moment.

The Mind barrier is not there.

The desire to "fix" or "solve" is not there.

Fears of the future, or of any and all missing-out's have diminished

to unperceivable labels.

There was never a spoon, was there?

It was just that I was addicted to being both spoon-fed,

and to the illusions of moral-good and service that accompanied

the acts of spoon-feeding others.

Yes. There is no spoon.

And when the spoon vanishes,

one can bend reality as per their wish.

If my words are starting to read like the many

other writings on the matter,

those that rely too much on enchanting, esoteric labels,

then it is almost certainly you who has stepped out of his circle-of-interest.

I urge you to be thorough with your intentions,

and if it is merely form and techniques you are interested in,

let this be the last post you read on here.

I have no interest in humans only interested in "whoa! how?".

I have and will only write for humans who could not care less about

the things not Real-izable.

I write for the Real.

I value Real.

I am Real.

Thank you.