The Way to The Truth

Posted by Suman on May 23, 2021

The only way to fully, freely, and wholly live

is via a total surrender to The Truth.

Any other way

is that of suffering.

Suffering is a complicated word.

The human who is suffering, is suffering.

The humans who is not suffering, is suffering.

The beggar is suffering.

The king is suffering.

The champion is suffering.

The runner-up is suffering.

The Truth is the void.

The Truth is a stark realization of itself.

Not an intellectual "one-time" understanding.

But a repeatedly arrived-at visceral one

propelled by a desire,

not to have nothing,

but to have it all.

World, society, friends, tribe, ... a collective of any sort

forms to escape The Truth.

They comfort themselves by finding comfort in lies.

Lies are poison.

Lies come in many forms.

Lies get amplified by hopes and promises related to that lie.

Cooked up by their Mind...

A bland life.

A happy life.

A higher life.

A better life.

A simple life.

A serene life.

A peaceful life.

A fulfilling life.

A life of doing good.

A lavish, superfluous life.

A life of having a family, money, and a business...

... are all lies.

Information of any and all forms,

is a lie.

Information you find in books, the internet, or any religion,

Information provided to you by any living and breathing soul,


like these world themselves,

... are all a lie.

Lies are poison.


unless realized viscerally,

is a greater poison.

There is only The Truth.

There is only The Way (to The Truth).

The Way is made available to a select few.

These humans will do what is needed. Without being told or advised.

These humans will realize The Truth viscerally.

Anyone and Everyone else will not.

There is no way around this.

There is no circumventing this.

Thank you.