The problem solvers' Misery

Posted by Suman on Mar 05, 2022

The way to all things superior lies in all things opposite of the way of things.

The way of things is how things normally are.

Superiority, in any and all aspects, at the core, tends towards abnormality.

The way of things is about thinking, strategizing, and thus, misunderstanding.

The superior way is about Understanding. (Note the capital - U)

The way of things in a company is about drawing lines.

You have your CTO.

Then there is a CEO.

Then there is a COO.

Then there is a CSO and so on.

Drawing lines on the surface is about "simplifying things and organizing work".

Behind "simplifying things and organizing work" hides one and one thing only ...

Stroking of the ego.

The rest of this post will reveal some hidden realities

about the CTO and in the many ways

he "simplifies things and organizes his work".

The CTO takes pride in solving the many technical problems at a company.

Most of these problems are "highly interesting and complex"

He uses this fact internally to defend his status.

He uses this fact externally as a sales pitch for many things.

But more than anything this sales pitch is to draw in more


under his belt that continues to justify his hard work.

(Rejecting thoroughly that anything under his belt gets squished)

The CTO takes pride in training and educating the talent he hires (or fires).

Rejecting thoroughly the key thing that enables a human

to execute, excel or perform.

He rejects the fact that what made him a CTO in the first place

was not some training software.

The CTO takes pride in giving back to the technical community,

rejecting thoroughly the disgusting reality

that hides behind communities.

Do not get me wrong,

the CTO is a human being after all.

But his donning of the label of "CTO"

is not confined to his office (or office hours).

This endeared label stays with him when he retires and commences the next day.

Perhaps you want to be a CTO.

Perhaps you are working under one.

Perhaps you have nothing to do with companies, CXXs,

or technology.

It does not pain me the least to say,

you are a far blessed of a human if you fall in the third category ^.

(Even more so, if you are indeed a CTO)

Thank you.