The network is a trap

Posted by Suman on Feb 02, 2021

Scott McNealy,

one of the founders of Sun Microsystems,

asserted back in the 80s that "the network is the computer".

This was stated when a computer

was more of a processing unit than anything else.

Though humans were already scratching their head to allow

this device to spread its wings beyond

the table it was resting on.

Fast forward to today,

the reverse of his assertion applies just as well -

The computer is a network.

When the rare human sincerely looks at his surrounding,

and asks calmly "What needs to be done?",

he stays calm.

Because he realizes that there is an urgency that needs his attention.

That urgency is a glorious chance for him to offer his Mind fully.

He remains free.

Before, during, and after the urgency is over.

Such a human moves through his days in one with the moment.

What needs to be done is done supremely through him.

What need not be done does not bother him.

If the act calls for the other, nothing changes.

Because his presence magnetizes the other to the Moment.

Today, such humans are few and far between.

Because most humans are not there.

They are up in the clouds.

They are lost in and as the network.

The network, which is a computer.

The computer, which is the network.

Is it that hard to see?

The moment a human notices his device

he signs-out of his already polluted consciousness -

a network of his problems, fantasies, ambitions,

remorses, and todos,

and runs for the hit of the network which his device is promising him.

A swipe or a click,

and he signs-in to a different network.

Perhaps for work, perhaps for play.

Either way, for pleasure.

Look at your devices.

Look deeply.

Sincerely see what you are shown when you see them.

Every device is a gateway to so many varied destinations,

all networked as a network,

it is simpler to say that a swipe or unlock is not needed to sign you in.

You are always signed-in.


this is beyond blinding social-networking, Youtube and Netflix madness,

and the degeneration that the App-stores have caused.

Because "the network" has bled into all other aspects.

The other day, when tweaking the source of my website,

I realized how much basic programming relies on the network.

The "tech evangelist" looks at this as something to be proud of.

To me, the existence of his profession is proof

that even the most impressive CVs are ultimately worth in pennies.

If not a deadend, this is an omen of more blinding

and crippling deadends.

Whether you consider the boy swiping left and right in his high-school washroom,

or one in his 30s begging those in their 40s to fund his startup that

"spins up on-demand QA instances on AWS",

the truth cannot be denied...

The average human being has degraded down to a

a living and walking device.

A device which is a network.

A network that has stripped him off

of his innate, far superior talent, forever.

Thank you.