The Monk who rode a Panigale

Posted by Suman on Apr 18, 2021

A man is not "married" to a woman

in the way, he is married to death.

A man,


is seeking death in its many forms.


are a way to get

hair-distance close to death.

Only when he glimpses beyond death every day,

he lives on the edge.

Only when he lives on the edge,

a man is truly alive.

Only when he is truly alive,

his tribe or family are allowed

to blossom with him.

My first marriage was at the age of 20.

It was with the iron.

In the form of weight plates, dumbells, and barbells.

The marriage entered its official, intense phase

within the next few years.

This is when I realized I did not just "like lifting weights",

but lifting heavy weights fast, elegantly, and in the most efficient manner.

And that I was willing to move my whole life around it.

The marriage was so full of passion,

that it brought out the "poet" in me.

Here is some "poetry" I rummaged from a decade ago...

About the Iron...

"Feeble I was underneath,

before it struck me.

The Iron lies well beneath,

lurking to break free.

'Its my pal' I self-talk,

an ally for life & well-being.

with whom i merrily walk,

a walk so excruciating.

Stronger than iron,

firmer than steel,

forthcoming it is ever,

even if battered great deal.

Time I reckon a fall,

it'd vouch for anchor.

I know it'll give it all,

then the soul must take over."

On The Path I was (and still am)

"I walk the path alone,

the path I chose a while back.

Its nothing like written in stone,

more like a bran picked from the haystack.

I pause as I wonder

where is this taking me.

A push to move on from down under

is what that stops me.

Why are you even doing this?

pals ask often.

I reckon they chose to miss,

the cries of life, so mundane.

Sure it ain't pretty

when the pain makes me groan.

This stuff is heavy duty

and I walk the path alone."

About the void, I took for the Mind...

"You are willful and strong

but yes, you may go wrong.

You are eager, you will learn

but blockades, you have to discern.

You make me take heed,

of affairs vital and hackneyed.

Wander away if I may,

you retract to make me stay.

Fickle you are now and then,

emotions ply crazy when.

And, to which you are at last keen,

apt it has always been.

Infallible you aren't, times you're ill.

Elude such a plight, don't be still.

You are eager, you will learn

but blockades, you have to discern.

You are me, I am you,

in symphony we live through."

Little did I know,

the marriage was only going to...


and become

and become

and become into something

that I could never understand.

Today, standing at the brink of the start of my second marriage,

I still do not understand the full nature of the bond.

I have realized something else.

A man who discovers the Truth,

can marry as many times as he wishes.

Because he realizes what the marriage

blesses him with.

Because he realizes who is being married to who.

Because he realizes what it takes to

live at the edge of death and still not die.

And most importantly...

Because these marriages are beyond his control or preference.

Last month,

I had a short conversation with my friend.

It went like this...

Him: Hey I am taking motorcycle lessons this summer. Do you want to join?

Me: No, I will pass.

Him: Okay

I had no idea what that short, innocent conversation would do.

Before I had the conversation,

I was someone who had never driven, ridden, or held a driver's license.

In the span of a month,

I am about to purchase one of the world's powerful and elegant sportbikes.

Because my second marriage to letting a sportsbike loose on the track,

is showing me the way.

The abruptness of how it all unfolded,

has surprised every corner of my Body and Mind.

Because not only am I buying a new bike,

I am buying my second one.

All of this

after only 10 days of ever riding a motorbike.

My first bike,

which I owned for only a week,

showed me, yet again,

how the world around a human will keep him a "beginner".

It showed me, why chump change does not just yield mediocrity,

but keeps a human doused in it in the name of comfort.

It showed me, listening to

the heart

is The Way to fulfillment

in the bones. (Literally)

What about my first marriage?

What about my devotion to Weightlifting?

I am surprised here as well.

A week of aggressive sport riding has propelled me up to

a level of body awareness that weightlifting alone did not provide.

Both marriages will continue.

Because I am neither a superbike racer nor a weightlifter.

I am only an agent of The Truth.

An agent of the Truth is no "er" or "ist".

He is an agent of The Truth.

He may appear to do a specific thing.

On seeing him do it, others will be too fast to associate an "er", an "ist", or the like.

But he is merely, only, ultimately

doing what needs to be done.

Thank you.