The higher realm in play

Posted by Suman on Mar 09, 2021

A traditional sales pitch

pulls you in with a promise.

A bike or car dealer

pleads and begs about how the deal

you are getting is one of a kind.

But the truth is obvious.

There is no deal.

You will either buy the vehicle or you will not.

The decision has been made.

But two humans will battle it out playing push-pull

for about an hour, or sometimes, over days.

What childishness.

A roam around in your city's main hub,

and you will discover sales pitches everywhere.

Browsing of your favorite websites

and you will see their online versions.

All showing you some great promise


"get" something.

"Get" a chiseled and toned body

"Get" a new date or romantic partner

"Get" a new degree

"Get" a new income source

"Get" more clients for your business

"Get" more leads for your sales funnel

"Get" better metrics for your website

"Get" updates to the core SDK of your monitoring platform

Humans get so caught up in getting this or that,

that they fully and totally miss this



Independent of what they get

their life will go one way or the other.

The fitness freak will keep chasing some godly physique

or he will arrive at a human's most performant and aesthetic appearance permanently.

The single, lonely, and depressed human

will stay lustful, needy, and wanting or he will be satisfied for life.

The businessman will continue to grow his business

or it will lose clients and leads one by one.

Humans time and again fail to understand...

"Getting", "not getting",

and being further caught up in hopes and expectations,

is akin to being blind-folded for life.

It is really not about "getting" or "not getting".

It is about one way or the other.

It is about one way or the other.

It is about ONE way or "the other".

In my endeavor of advising humans,

I have fallen for this in the past.

Not as blatantly as others, but I have.

Some of my posts from when I first started writing,

have finished as a sales pitch.

"If you are serious... I await you",

"If you are ready... I am as ready as you",


Although the hope that a human or two will pay heed to it was almost

non-existent, it was there.

Today, all hope is gone.

For the truth has been realized.

Time and over again...

I will either guide the human named Adam

Or I will not.

Adam will live The Way

Or he will not.

(With or without my guidance)

You see,

unless something happens to him personally,

a human will not understand what he is meant to.

He may think and think and strategize.

He may read or like a million tweets or listen to a thousand podcasts.

Humans get so caught up in getting,

they fail to notice what is

already happening.

Humans get so caught up in and around the word -

Get -

that they fail to see...

the higher realm in play