It is not you

Posted by Suman on Mar 06, 2022

The games of the mind are games of the Mind.

I could say they are treacherous.

I could say they are enticing.

I could say they are everything worth falling for.

I could say they are totally sacrificing one's entire life for.

But I will not.

I will simply say,

the games of the mind

are the games of the Mind.

Words are just a medium, friend.

Do not pay too much heed to what they say.

Insist not to find any hidden meaning.

Do not be too fast to scroll up and down.

Do not be too fast to like or share.

You will miss it, like you

always have.

You think ... "why me?"

You think you have suffered.

You think he/she ought to not have acted that way,

given you have been nice, generous, kind,

and always there for them.

It is not so much that in saying this,

you will be right or wrong.

It is not so much that

they could have acted the way you wanted them to.

It is not that "He is different."

It is not that "She has always been that way."

But that in entertaining such thoughts of the Mind

you bring suffering to yourself.

Let me ask you this ...

What brought you here?

What are you looking for in these words?

No, do not say ... "I was sent this link by my friend or such and such."

Insist on understanding what really is making you do things.

What really is making you tick.

Who is it that you...

have been?

If you ask "Why me?"

If you state "I thought I have done enough for him to at least earn his trust."

If you ask "Why is it that I must go through this.."

... you will stay in the lost,

deep in the games of the Mind.

Come back another day.

Go rest today.

I will not lie and say that you will feel better.

You may end up feeling better.

But telling you that you will or will not, will be a lie.

Who am I to predict?

There is something in play here.

These things are beyond your understanding.

These things are way above...

both you and I.


I do not speak of karma or faith or God or Religion.

I simply said ...


Thank you.