That One athlete

Posted by Suman on Aug 09, 2021

What makes an average human average?

What makes him stay that way?

Why does the label "average"

exists in the first place?

The answer to all three

are one and the same.

Before you start forming ideas

about the people I imply

when I use the word - average,

let me clarify...

99.9999999%+ on this planet are average.

The rich and the famous or the poor and the unknown.

The sick and suffering or the rejoicing and healthy.

The fit and athletic or the fat and out-of-shape.

The serious professional or the unserious amateur.

No matter where you draw the line,

No matter which angle you come from,

No matter how many shades you divide people into,

deep down they will be the same thing...


The average human

picked randomly from the crowd

has no clue what he is going to do about his life.

You must re-read the statement below.

One is average not because they sit around and do nothing.

One is average not because they play video games, party, do drugs, or waste their time

or do not take risks or work menial jobs or I will repeat,

waste their time.

No. No. No.

One is average because they waste their life.

They do not look for clues to know WHAT their life is there for.

They stay content with chasing points, poles, ranks, wins, and accolades.

They stay content with celebrations and consolations.

They stay content with doing what has been done.

They stay content with that new trick

or lesson or technique.

You know why almost all,

even the most prized athletes in your team or amongst your acquaintances

stay stuck being average?

(And yes, this is also including the "legend"

who you will bag in your new contract.)

An average human being

does not bother beyond

looking for ...

1. Means for survival.

2. Means for pleasure.




I invite you to bring along your most prized athletes,

the one who has been the most consistent,

even the one you think "potentially"

will put your team/brand high up

there to stand out from

others until the

end of times,

and ask ...

Would you practice the sport if your survival was taken care of?

Would you practice the sport if all of the world's pleasures were

at your disposal all the time?

Would you practice the sport if today was your very

last day?

If he or anyone else you know,

truthfully and heartfully,

calmly and nonchalantly answers

Yes -

you better stop reading.

You better close this tab, the browser, your app, phone, or laptop.

Then, you better fire all your other "athletes"

and give that one athlete

all the resources you can to represent your brand.


that one athlete

is perhaps the legend

your sport has NEVER SEEN.




With all due Respect,

and with full acknowledgment of the Human you are deep beneath,

I will conclude ...

Before you take me for some lunatic or fanatic or

intellectual or coach or "guru" ...

I earnestly urge you to see beyond my words.

Because what you read is often a lie.

What the words make you Feel, is the truth.

More than anyone else I know,

I have been average for the longest

I can remember.

It is lately that I have realized a few things.

Few very deep things.

The realizations have hit me very hard.

Even "very hard" is not doing justice to the

intensity with which they have allowed me to question


I see and hear and touch and feel.

In real life or on the varied-sized screens at my disposal.

While sitting Still, or while moving heavy things, fast.

While walking or while moving at hundreds of kilometers

an hour.

I do not know how else to convince you.

I do not care to make people [less average].

I do not care to educate or enlighten people.

I just want one thing...

To NOT be Average.

For the rest of

my life.

So that,

when needed, I can do

what needs to be done.

No matter

the stake

the task

or the cause.

Thank you.