Posted by Suman on Jun 10, 2021


If you make yourself more than just a man...

If you Devote yourself to an ideal...

And if they can't stop you...

Then you become something else entirely.

A legendary, superhuman-like presence and persona

has always drawn me in.

When it comes to the label - superhuman

all that the world knows is -

movies and comic books.

That is expected.

Because the world is only interested

in how things can be.

Not how things can really be.

That is,

the world lives for

imagination and imagination alone.

And that is okay.

I have learned a whole deal from movies as well.

Albeit, from a handful.

The Matrix,

The Bourne movies,

The Dark Knight movies.

These three

have easily been the "Bible" (or Koran or Gita or equivalent)

of my life.

Immersing in these movies

planted the seed of

The Destination

long before I realized

that I was headed there.

To this day,

the few who know me closely

will tell you that I have

watched and watched and re-watched these movies

about 50- 100 times each.

Most of the Friday nights

in my boyhood were a re-watch

of one of these three.


It is Today

I Understand...

Behind my pickiness,

Of completely ignoring "movies" over these

few depictions of that which a man truly craves.

It is Today

I Understand...

While everyone

was simply watching these movies,

the entity

deep in me was doing

something else.

It was unearthing the things

that were keeping it from


what it was shown.

It is Today

I Understand...


was relentlessly seeking an answer -

what is it that I do not yet understand -

about Bruce Wayne, James A. Anderson, or David Webb?

And it is Today -


Behind the veils of



and cinematic glory,

these characters

were ultimately seeking...

...The Truth.

And so

was I.

Thank you.