Sugar is bad

Posted by Suman on Jun 03, 2021



it is realizations that matter.

Not what you are doing or not doing.

Not what you are after or hiding from.

Not what you can do or will not do.

Not what you seek or resist.




You are welcome.

You may have heard this everywhere -

Sugar is bad.

Or some other variant of the statement.

But still to this day - the entity -


is there in your diet. Is it not?

Yes, yes you will say ...

"I cannot eat sugar because I am diabetic."

"I do not crave sugar anymore."

"A little bit is fine."

"Sugar is natural."

"I am on Keto."


But I will reveal...

It is there in your diet.


It is there in your diet

because it is in your Mind.

Because it is in your Mind,

you are a sugar addict.

Does not matter...

What your body weight and BMI shows.

How religiously you avoid or schedule it.

What disease, condition, or pain has you finally give it up.

Who has no use for "Sugar is bad"?

He who is free.

Not only from sugar.

Free, in its absolute sense.

Free from his own Mind.

To such a human the statement does not apply.

Because independent of what entity it comes to,

he is free of what his own Mind tells him about it.

How? Why?

Because ...

he has made deep-seated Realizations about - [Sugar].

Realizations about any entity,

free a human from his Mind's hold on him about the entity.

These realizations allow the human

to know the absolute gist - the deepest truth - hiding behind the entity.

So, while others will sing, flutter, and dance (and toil and suffer)

with the notions and best-practices

around the entity,

this rare human, equipped with these realizations,

will fly over others, and untouched by the noise,

experiencing the entity - when it is needed,

in its opportune dose.

This simple example can be extended to almost anything.

To any field or domain.

Around any field or domain, a world or a scene forms.

This scene is formed by those who fall for the notions and best practices.

This scene is overflowing with those who dare not make the deep-seated realizations

about the field.

And thus,

the world or the scene is at the opposite end of what the field is truly about.

Having been an Olympic Weightlifter for over a decade,

I see it all the time around me.

Around me, I see noise.

I see technique, programs, cues, accessory work,

overtraining, undertraining, recovery, active recovery,

periodization, and other notions and best practices.

When I reach down within me, I see nothing.

Because there is nothing.

Because realizations simply render the need for anything, futile.

Realizations allow for the entry of The Truth.

Motorcycling is no exception.

I could not be more honored to have gotten to the root


starting another sport.

It allows me to say the following with authority...

In less than a month, the things I have learned,

will save me decades worth of hassle.

The hassle I see riders around the world stuck deep in.

No wonder they need so much more

on top of what they already do,

to keep them going with the "challenges" they face in a sport,

which I will now acknowledge,

is one of the most physically and mentally demanding.

It allows me to conclude with authority...

Real riding, like real Olympic Weightlifting,

and like the real exhibition of any sport or movement,

is about smoothness,

about fluidity,

and about effortlessness and virtuosity in the demonstration.

How many riders of modern times demonstrate it?


Thank you.