The point of no return

Posted by Suman on Mar 13, 2021

Sometime in 2000,

with the dot com bubble,

humanity went past the point of no return.

Human beings have never been the same.

Fast forward to today, and the organism "human being"

is as rare as some soon to be extinct species.

Today, many parents conceiving,

are not giving birth to humans.

A portion of the infant's Mind

is permanently programmed to seek gratification.

Even before it knows what gratification is.

In the coming years

humans will be born

with an even more convoluted inclination towards

instant gratification.

[Instant gratification]

has evolved with time like a virus.

A decade or two ago, within a human, it was recognized for what it was.

That is the human seeking it,

realized that some "wrong" was being done through him.

Today, everything is instant gratification.

Education, work, communication, learning, you name it.

A human does not understand what it is.

A human does not contemplate what it is not.

The other day, exploring the city I am living in currently,

it occurred to me how huge the world really is.

How many, many more humans inhabit it.

The humans used in the examples below are

just two of the infinitely many.

The healthy and happy-go-lucky human named Adam,

lives immersed in his world of websites, apps, and notifications.

He loves his life.

He works, exercises, and socializes.

He approaches the many eves he meets at the bar, the gym, and yoga classes.

He uses Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and Happn.

He is charming and has a "good head on his shoulders".

He thinks society around him is doing the same.

Because that is what he sees when he sees others

during his day-to-day.

His life centered around his notifications,

is both exactly similar to and vastly different from

another random person picked from the rest of the world - Eve.

Exactly similar, because like him, Eve lives doused in notifications.

Vastly different, because unlike him, Eve is on the verge of killing herself.

Depression, anxiety, nervousness, fear-of-missing-out,

Addiction, ADHD, neuroticism, paranoia, compulsive-eating,

compulsive-X/Y/Z, drug-use...

it does not matter what specific "condition" Eve has been harboring silently,

the root of it all is not at all different

from the foundation of the life that Adam labels "my life".

Because Adam also has bouts of most, if not all of the above,

sprinkled here and there throughout his life.

Unlike Eve, Adam "mans it up" by chasing

the shiny things dangled in his face.

Society will deem Adam's life normal.

"Bouts of anxiety and nervousness is totally normal"

will be published by well-known researchers and intellects.

The same will be backed by "further studies" on the matter,

which will be in-turn pounced upon by budding researchers

seeking a high rank on google-scholar search.

The same society will deem Eve's condition troublesome and will

not hesitate to prescribe attention or even medication.

It will direct Eve towards psychotherapy, good-habits,

mindfulness, or to that one well-funded startup

that came up with some ground-breaking technology

to "solve" mental health problems.

The truth?

The entity - [society]

is the most troubled institution mankind has ever known.

And with the technological boom since 2000,

society itself has become its own twisted version.

And what you may not know,

is that unlike before the dot-com bubble,

you do not need to step out of your home to see, hear,

or breathe-in society.

You can do so from the comfort of your home, in your pajamas!

You just have to go to one of...,, or

Thank you.