Let there be Life

Posted by Suman on Dec 04, 2022

The Creator said

let there be Life

and there was Life

and everything that descended from it.

Man said,

let there be fun

and there was fun

(and fun alone).

Modern life is about

fun in all its forms.

Because it is not about...


Not a single human exists in the modern world today

whose life is about being Life,

and the fountain of Life.

The more I write,

The more I see what others write,

The more I learn, who it is that is reading what I write,

I become more and more convinced that everyone is being fooled.

I do not think

this implies that what I am writing,

or what they are reading,

is useless.

For what I have written and what has been read

has been a part of the same cycle

that some call mankind, while

others call life.

Man can "machine learn" all he wants.

He may create as many open or closed AI companies, groups, and communities.

But he must not forget

that he does not know

who calls the shots.

He whose entire life is built on misunderstanding

will go distances to claim that he understands

alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and theta.

He who is destined to not taste, smell and relish the depths of life

will make sure to invent some shiny, fun, and fragrant "life"

to distract himself and his brethren.

Man can lean against the claims of progress and technology all he wants

but he will not cure himself of his very nature of escaping

the banes and incapabilities of his kind.

Man's very nature is that of running.

His very nature is that of hiding.

In a lot of ways,

he is born to insult, rape, and torture

the very womb he was delivered from.

In a lot of ways,

his existence is about His abandonment

and finding refuge hither and thither

amidst them and theirs.

Thank you.