All information is misinformation

Posted by Suman on May 17, 2021

Writing has lost all its magic.

It is hitting me now.

I got carried away.

I was mistaken.

Almost every day when words would be written

magically by themselves,

it was something.

It was something I did not know I could do so seamlessly. So effortlessly.

I took myself for a writer.

I even declared that it is not "writing."

And yet

I continued to write.


it is finally occurring to me.

I got carried away.

It is finally hitting me...

What for?

Writing itself

had been a feel-good endeavor.

A feel-good endeavor is

the sucker of the vitality of a human.

A feel-good endeavor is

not what needs to be done.

Perhaps you will challenge this.

You have been told ... this is what Art is about.

The artist "writes",

and the readers of that writing ...




...yes, what?

What about the readers?

This is where it did not, does not, will not

sit well with me.

What about the readers?

I will tell you what.

Most, do not understand. Yet they read it.

The few others, try to understand. And they read it.

The minuscule others think they understand. But really, they overstand.

And thus, they read it.

These readers

only feel-good about the fact that they are

getting to read some obscure text.

But do they CHANGE?

Do they do [what needs to be done]?

Not at all.


Because they do not UNDERSTAND.

And if you do not UNDERSTAND

you take comfort in the fact that you are

at least getting to attempt to "understand".

Dear human,



^For almost all,

This place is unreachable.

This process is inaccessible.

It is hidden. In a different dimension.

It is reserved by Nature herself.

And you think "understanding" words

of the one or two who live in that place,

will take you there? slowly? step-by-step?

You are mistaken.

Slowly and step-by-step are the ways of the Mind

to keep one bound to the process - of reading and "understanding".

The Way

is sudden.

The Way

is a headfirst plunge

into the abyss.

An abyss

where pain, pleasure,

gratification, deprivation,

winning, losing, success, failure,

reveal their true shades.

An abyss

of chaos and yet,

perfect order.

An abyss

of complete surrender

and yet being in total control.

An abyss

of no-return.

Thank you.