Getting fast, S

Posted by Suman on Sep 19, 2022

R: Getting fast out there, S.

S: Thank you, I still have a lot to learn.

R: You will.

S: Hopefully.

R: I wanted to talk to you about something. I think others have mentioned it to you as well?

S: I know what this is about. The way I make turns?

R: Yes.

S: You are welcome to tell me what you would like.

And I will listen to every single word you say, but I will tell you in advance it will be of no use.

R: We are all trying to help you, S.

S: I know that. I know.

R: Then?

S: All I am asking you is to give me some time.

I know if I push my knee out, my turns will be easy.

But I know there is a superior way to turn. It will take time.

R: It is also about safety. The way you are doing your turns, look dangerous.

Looks like you are going to crash any moment and put everyone else at the track at risk.

S: It looks dangerous to your eyes because you have convinced yourself that your way is safe.

But let me ask you this ...

Why does Marc Marquez still high-side? Why does he keep injuring himself?

R: Well those guys are a different thing. They are going at crazy high speeds.

And you are going slow. You need to get on the right track now so that you can be safe at high speeds.

S: Precisely my point. I do not know how else to explain this to you.

But I am convinced the way I am on, the way that looks dangerous to you,

is the safest way to ride.

R: Well, S, it is also logical.

If you move your hips in the way of the turn, it helps with counterbalancing the bike. It is basic physics. You cannot deny basic logic like physics.

S: R, I do understand physics. I have a master's degree in sciences.

But I do not know how to convince you.

I have a vision, R.

A vision of being in one with the bike

no matter if I am on the straight or the tightest hairpin turn.

If I ride the way you ask me to and trust me I have tried, it does not feel right to me.

I end up needing to break out from the oneness with the bike.

It works in the short term. It works too easily.

And that is where the problem lies.

R: Well, we all want what is best for you.

S: I know that. I know that.

But perhaps sometimes, even being too cared for, comes in the way?

I am not riding to just stay a "track day" guy. I started riding to be something unique.

Something the world has never seen.

And I know you guys mean well for me and want me to be safe and not crash.

But, Maybe the "best" is not enough for someone like me.

All I am asking for is time.

Talk to me in 5 years, R.