Everything is horribly wrong with MotoGP

Posted by Suman on May 17, 2021

Like with every other domain in recent times,

the domain of motorcycle track riding and racing

is going too fast forward.

Both in the realms of assistance for the bike and the rider.

Because it is going too fast forward,

in reality,

it is going backward.

Bikes have the latest and greatest automation and programming

thanks to the many advanced and qualified (read: delusional)

mechanics and technologists.

Riders are equipped with the latest and greatest physique cues and riding technique

thanks to the equally smart and talented (read: blind)

- "ists" - physiotherapists, massage therapists, kinesiologists, etc.

Who am I to lash such seemingly audacious insults

with such seemingly audacious authority?


Really, a nobody.

Because I am a nobody,

I know nothing.

Because I know nothing,

I happen to have the trait most desirable

by all of mankind in modern times...


You read that right.

In a world overflowing with


claiming to know this and that,

I openly claim to knowing nothing.

1290 km.

That is what the odometer reads on my 1-month-old superbike.

(Which also happens to be my very first bike.)

And I will say it openly, bluntly, plainly,

and thus,



I repeat,


is horribly wrong

with the world of MotoGP, WorldSBK, moto2, moto3, etc.

If you are fuming,

If you are about to explode - "NON SENSE!",

please do.

(And leave. Thank you.)

If you are still reading,

If I did not scare you away,

If that which you think is your "curiosity",

is heightened,

I welcome you.

However, and you may have realized this,

your curiosity

will not be satiated by just this post.

You will have to come back again.

And again.

And again.

Because all that is wrong with the domain of MotoGP, WorldSBK, and the like

cannot be course-corrected

if I just list them one by one.

They must be realized by another.

Someone unlike me.

Someone who is not a nobody.

Someone with authority.

(Or seemingly so ;))

Human beings time and again make the same mistake.


totally reject simplicity

and find home in


They do this not to achieve something coveted or glorious.

They do this...


The grand mistake

that humans have made in this domain

is this...

They exchanged the need to use their own Body AS IS

for the requirements of some ultra-modern racing machine

equipped with all sorts of controls and mechanisms.

They completely evaded the hunt for a simple and superior Way

for one of the many cookie-cutter complicated and inferior ones.

Every time I see some worshipped professional rider

performing the coveted "knee drag" to cut through a corner,

showcasing their hard-worked-upon "extreme lean angle",

but then falling at the slightest challenge of traction

due to natural circumstances,

I am reminded of the stupidity that the industry has fallen deep into.

Thank you.