Everyone is a legend (And yet, no one is)

Posted by Suman on Mar 22, 2021

Very few

seek the Truth behind things.

Things like the domain of sportbike or monoclonal-antibody manufacturing,

the sport of Baseball or Weightlifting,

the practice of martial-arts or ballet-dancing,


The "thing" does not matter.

What matters is that these humans seek the Truth.

These humans themselves may not know,

that in their passion for the thing,

hides their desire for the Truth behind the thing.

The most vital aspect is that...

They do what is needed from them.

Then comes the world.

The world, does not know this.

The world, only cares about how things look.

The world, does not care about how things ARE.

The world looks at these few people,

their exemplary deeds in their respective fields,

bringing them much more than the riches,

and goes - "What a legend!"

In that statement,

and the amplification of that statement,

and the re-amplification of the amplification,

via the many channels of gossip and media,

the Truth behind the label

"legend" stays hidden.

Someone like me comes along,

and says - "A legend is he who seeks the truth".

Someone like ME looks at the statement above

and realizes - it is not the truth.

After all, "legend" is merely a label.

Human beings need labels to chat and converse.

Even when speaking about deeper matters,

such as [the truth].

However, in his reliance on labels,

when one has not SEEN IT ALL,

one is still not being truthful.

I have fallen for this in the past.

But today, I will say this...

Everyone is a legend.

And yet no one is.


Read on...

Valentino Rossi has been a MotoGP racer

for a long, long time.

It is rare to see someone in their forties

still racing at the very high level

alongside the young guns.

He is deemed as one of the best if not The Best.

He has had many bones in his body broken.

It is obvious,

there is something more than just the thrill of riding at 300+ kmph,

that pulls him to competitive motorbike racing.

But how about his own perception of his career?

How about his mornings and nights?

How about his demeanor at the

start of a race? During? At the end?

At the podium? Right after a crash?

During interviews?

How does he feel Today?

About his life thus far and what is to come?

I can go on and on.

But it is obvious.

To the world, Rossi is a "legend".

To himself, he may or may not be a "legend".

But the Reality?

He is a human being who has yet to fully realize...

why he did what he did.

why he does what he does.

why he will do what he will do.


...is still fast asleep.

And yet, he is a "legend".

The same thing can be said about celebrated names

of Bezos, Musk, Federer etc.

Stories will be heard about them.

Stories about those stories will be used as

an example by those craving the "life of a legend".

But what about these humans themselves?

Do they know what they crave to know?

They are so occupied with their chases

and the baggage that comes with such a chase-heavy life,

that they do not know why they do what they do.

What will they do if not [what they do]?

What life will they live if the labels AMZN/TSLA

magically disappeared from the exchanges?

In a lot of ways, they are stuck.

But they do not know it.

And they do not care to.


...that is Okay.

Some human in some remote corner of the world

is content with the in-his-face life.

He may be fishing for a living

or growing and selling strawberries.

He is not polluted by the labels of

like, retweet, followers, legend, innovation,

success, progress, etc.

His life is full of that which he does.

He does what is needed.

He has no need to be a "legend".

He is living a life that is the life which he is.

The world does not know or care to know about him.

He does not care about the world,

because every day IS about the world that he will ever know.

To the world, he does not even exist!

To himself, he is every single legendary label there is.


he has no use for those labels.

He has been doing what is needed from day-1.

The deeper, simple,

bland, non-sensical

reality behind all of this is...

Rossi, Musk, Bezos, and all "legends",

just like the fisherman without a phone in his pocket,

have done what is needed from them.

However, unlike him,

they have yet to See it


They are still not content.

They are a "legend". And yet they are NOT.

The fisherman knows fully,

that is all he could have done

in the one beautiful life lived through him.


the world will never bother to know about him.

He is a legend. And yet, he is not.

Thank you.