Dear Fabio

Posted by Suman on May 08, 2021

Dear Fabio.

It was painful to watch the Spanish Grand Prix.

And every other of your recent performances.

You have it in you. I see it.

But you are oblivious to it.

Because you are afraid of it.

Excuse me for calling you out like this. Randomly.

But I did not just drop in from anywhere.

Like you, I feel the pull of the need to be fast.

On a sportbike.

Cars are great. Fast cars are perhaps, awesome.

But there is something about being on a two-wheeler.

Even more so

on a sportier one, in an aggressive, locked-in position.

The feeling of being in control

while also being completely out of control.

The feeling of flying

while also being tethered to the earth.

Unique. Exhilarating.


Anyhow, I digress.

And time is running away for both of us.

I am here to mainly say two things to you.

First - Hello.

And second, a reminder of the essence of racing.

I say reminder because a professional racer is a racer at heart

only if he already knows what I am about to reveal.

It is okay if he forgets about it

because of whatever he is going through.

And that is what seems to have happened to you.

Here it is...

In a race, if you are "racing"

you may win the race,

but almost certainly will lose (everything).


once you do have everything,

I do not see how or why you will ever lose a race.

(or anything else for that matter).

Winning a race is not about going faster than others.

It is about GOING FAST.

And knowing the thing that allows you to do that.

I will restate instead of asking you to re-read it.

Winning (without trying)

is about GOING FAST.

GOING FAST is not about going faster than others.

It is about GOING FAST.

Two things exist, dear friend.

One is speed.

The other is speeding to a speed.

Almost everyone today is stuck speeding.

No one is about being speed itself.

You can.

Anyone can.

The question is - HOW?

And that,

my friend,

is the trillion-dollar question.

Thank you.