Adam never stood

Posted by Suman on Feb 13, 2021

Before I say what I am sharing below,

I must reveal my non-reliance,

almost visceral revulsion to historical stories.

To me,

anything historical is an illusion.

Not a single alive and breathing human

will be able to say with 100% certainty that the stories

he latches on to his Mind from events of centuries or ages ago,

are true.

I am not saying that history itself is irrelevant.

Please watch out for this misinterpretation on your end.

History is very, very relevant.

It is the only reason we are.

But to glorify and learn from historical figures?

Not my cup of tea.

I had to say what I did,

because I am going to do precisely the opposite.

I am going to share my interpretation of a historical story/myth.

And because it is an interpretation of history,

it is not the truth.

When looking for a picture for this post,

I landed on the one above.

As I glanced back into my Mind,

I was showed related pictures, of the fall of man, etc.

And something hit me.

The truth of it, to me, is undeniable...

It is not that Adam fell.

Or that he committed the "original sin"

by falling for Eve.

It is that

Adam never sought the Truth.

It hit me instantly when I looked at the picture first thing this morning.

Just look at Adam's hand.

Does it look like it is that of a seeker?

It appears to be that of a man who could

not care less about the Knowledge he is being offered!

I will tell you this,

if it was my hand it would have been depicted reaching the other

with almost a fierceness.

Or at the very least, it would match the eagerness and urgency obvious with the other hand.

It would not have been as timid and as "Oookay...lift me out of my stupor..."

as Adam's is.

How could a man lacking a visceral desire for The Ultimate,

stand free even for a moment, let alone for all his life?

He has no choice but to fall!

Heck, if it was not for the beautiful Eve,

it would have been for a cow or a sheep.

No Sin was committed by Adam.

His only sin was that he never sought the Truth.

Coming back to the present day,

Coming back to speaking The Truth,

I will ask you -

have things changed?

Indeed they have.

They have worsened.

The Adams of today are presented with

m u l t i t u d e

of options to select their fall.

Some of these options are glorified by society

to the point of making it appear as a coveted thing!

Most of these falls pay the Adams to never contemplate standing!

Is it not obvious?

It is not about falling for one eve.

It is a falling long before one (or more) eve walks into his life.

The eves of today merely join in along the lifelong fallings of the Adams.

"Sin" is really an understatement.


Because the norm is to blatantly Sin!

And it is not just what you think is Sin, dear friend.

Dear Adam,

Eve was never the problem.

Even is not the problem.

Eve is eve. Let her be.

You are yet to recognize all the sins that you commit.

You are yet to recognize Eve.

And more than anyone and anything,

you are yet to understand your (own) self.

Thank you.