Posted by Suman on Jun 06, 2021

You are not who you say you are.

You are not what you say you are.

You are not about what your plans are.

You are simply the Action

that has been -

so far Today,

and in the recent past.




How has Today been?

How was yesterday?

How was the week that just went by?

See through what you thought you did.

See through what you thought happened.

See through your thoughts, hopes, plans,

internal-victories, and self-consolations.

In the name of "One more day",

In the name of "One last week",

In the name of "I have found it",

In the name of "I have figured it out",...

What did you -

the flesh and bone organism,

actually, do?

What price did you pay?

What price are you paying - Today?


Living Free,

Being the Action,

Doing what is needed

to utmost precision no matter the task -

simple, complicated, athletic, benign, or risky,

is no child's play. It is being the Ultimate.

No one. No one at your age has attained it.

What has happened to you,

happened for a Reason.

What will happen,

will happen for the same Reason.

The Reason matters.

The happenings do not.

The Reason is why you must realize -

Words are futile.

Words are almost poison.

Words give birth to notions.

Notions are for the Mind, to trap

you into [what you think Being the Ultimate is about].

Action speaks for itself.

Action, Is The Truth.