the Body and the Mind

Life for most is the same.

Almost everyone

makes a mess of their lives.

Beyond a certain point,

almost everyone falters, struggles, and never truly rises.

Beyond that point,

life never goes where they want it to go.

Life for the rare human

is so different, that it happens in almost an entirely separate dimension.

They go where they are taken.

Things such as Struggle and failure do not exist.

And over time, they blend into the life that they live.

They... disappear.

And as they do,

the world learns of a new...


Like a Star, they shine for the rest of their life.

If you are thinking "Hmm.. interesting. Why is it so?"

this website is not for you

If you are thinking "Bullshit! everyone struggles"

this website is not for you.

If you are thinking "I must work with this guy..."

this website is most certainly not for you.

You must understand, you are not at fault.

You must understand, I am not insulting you.

How can I insult someone I do not even know?

I am simply stating what already is.

Is it not?

There existed one Bruce Lee.

There exists one Lu Xiaojun.

There will exist


When, Where, How, will that someone surface?

The answer

has already been answered.

Thank you.